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Flying High Farm incorporates the therapeutic power of ponies toward optimizing the behavioral, emotional and social growth of our youth.
The use of animals is founded not only on the premise that it is easier for a child to project his/her feelings on an animal but also on the animal's faculty for supplying some of the child's need for cuddling, companionship and unconditional acceptance.

Basically, the animal cares nothing at all for societal values, but responds primarily to love and kindness. Therefore, there is an immediate affinity between child and animal. Even the angry, hurting child learns quickly to be gentle with the animal that eagerly demonstrates a desire "to be friends." (Adapted from Boris Levinson's Pet-Oriented Child Psychotherapy, 1997).

Flying High Farm is a private mental health practice dedicated to children and adolescents. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy are the backbone of our program. Our animals supplement, enhance and assist in these interventions, hence "animal-assisted psychotherapy."

We do not provide riding lessons, therapeutic riding or hippotherapy.

It should be noted that not all therapy sessions include animals.

Through the therapeutic power of animals, the clinicians at Flying High Farm work closely with individuals to build their self-esteem, build rapport, increase motivation for change, develop and practice positive behaviors and skills, promote effective communication, etc.