Twizzle joined Flying High Farm on Saturday, March 6, 2010. She is a 14.1 hand, 7 year old Tobiano Piebald pony - a fancy way of saying that she is dark brown/black and white, but mostly white.

Bramble joined Flying High Farm in April 2011. Sarah Charest, a clinician at FHF, is allowing Bramble to use his charms to help our children. Bramble was born in 2004; he is a silver dapple small pony. At 40" tall (10 hands), he is 4" too tall to be a miniature horse. We don't know his exact breeding. Bramble is a rescue pony (meaning he was rescued at an auction). Because of Sarah, he has a second chance at a life
Penny joined Flying High Farm on May 22, 2005. Penny is a 15.3 hand, 13 year old chestnut Trakehner mare. Although children do not ride Penny, she is a great ambassador for children who have some anxieties riding horses.
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JJ (Jesse James) joined Flying High Farm in October 2015. This fabulous pony is a gift from Christine's sister. JJ traveled from NC to join the other ponies here. He was born in 2001 and is a 14 hand black Quarter Horse/Welsh cross gelding.

JJ has lots of US Pony Club experience and is a real "people pony."
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